Well It's Been A While, Hasn't It?

I'm so happy to be back to this little spot, it was a place I loved to come and dream. Well my life has been very full til now with kiddies and all the busyness that comes with them. But now they're grown. 3 in college, 1 senior at high school, 2 in middle school this year and my baby will start 3rd grade this year! I don't know when that all happened, we were running, and playing, and all of a sudden I turned my head and they were all grown up. It's a sad but happy time.

Happiest because I get my life back lol. And I've been planning, new dreams, new adventures! I just came back from Australia a couple of months ago and I have decided to move back permanently. It was so wonderful to be back, to breathe the fresh clean air, to get out into the bush. I didn't miss the hustle and bustle at all!

So I've decided to go small, and movable. I'm getting ideas for a little house, but I don't know yet where I will be situated as my parents are trying their hardest to continue their lives on their own, but that will not be for much longer, so I will stay in Sydney and work a little and be there when they need me. It will give me time to get my roots down again and plan my next steps.

I have been very inspired by this lovely lady and her temporary dwelling. I am planning on building a small dwelling but I thought something like this would suffice until I work out where I want to be, or where will work for me.

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